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Chicago Sun Times copy editor Josie Gellar (25), who was desperate to graduate from perfectionist copy editor to reporter, gets her chance when the goody owner orders the editor to cover the high-school scene by undercover. Josie, who was a frustrated, ridiculed nerd, gets a popular make-over from her drop-out, naturally funny brother Rob Geller. Both siblings find love and joys of youth again. But in Josie's case, it's sensitive bachelor teacher Sam Coulson, who enjoys sophisticated conversation. As the publication deadline approaches, the price of blowing their cover seems ever more daunting, yet inevitable unless she sacrifices her career.

Director: Raja Gosnell
Writer: Abby Kohn, Marc Silverstein
Production: Fox 2000 Pictures, Flower Films
Year: 1999
MetaScore: 60/100
ImdbRating: 6.1
BoxOffice: $55,474,756
Released: 09 Apr 1999
Awards: 2 wins & 8 nominations.

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Josie Geller - Drew Barrymore
Rob Geller - David Arquette
Sam Coulson - Michael Vartan
Rigfort - Garry Marshall
Merkin - Sean Whalen
Cynthia - Octavia Spencer
Roger in Op-Ed - Allen Covert
Dutton - Armand Reiser
Hairplug Bruns - David Doty
Armcast Henson - Derek Morgan
Sun-Times Worker - Kathleen Marshall
Miss Haskell - Jenny Bicks
Guy Perkins - Jeremy Jordan
Kirsten - Jessica Alba
Kristin - Marley Shelton
Gibby - Jordan Ladd
Jason - James Franco
Coach Romano - Gregory Sporleder
Mrs. Knox - Martha Hackett
P.E. Teacher - Jennifer Parsons
School Guard - Andrew Wilson
Denominator - Giuseppe Andrews
Packer - Cory Hardrict
Stoner #1 - Chad Todhunter
Stoner #2 - Daniel Louis Rivas
School Guard #2 - Marq Edwards
Billy Prince - Denny Kirkwood
Rob's Girlfriend - Carmen Llywelyn
Billy's Prom Date - Sara Downing
Monty Malik - Mike Moyer
Bouncer - Steven Wilde
Tyke - Tara Skye
D.J. - Mark Allen
Gibby's Prom Date - Conor O'Neil
Prom Judge #1 - Joe Ochman
Prom Judge #2 - Don Snell
Big Bad Wolf - Jason Weissbrod
Little Red Riding Hood - Tinsley Grimes
Fruit Headdress Woman - Amanda Wilmshurst
Ozomatli Band Member - Will-Dog Abers
Ozomatli Band Member - Ulises Bella
Ozomatli Band Member - Jose Espinosa
Ozomatli Band Member - Cut Chemist
Ozomatli Band Member - William Marrufo
Ozomatli Band Member - Raul Pacheco
Ozomatli Band Member - Justin Poree
Ozomatli Band Member - Asdrubal Sierra
Ozomatli Band Member - Chali 2na
Ozomatli Band Member - Jiro Yamaguchi
Student - Andrew Aguilar
Teacher - Nic Arnzen
ND-Shopper #2 - A. David Burleigh
Partygoer - Stephany Burns
Pretty Brunette High School Student - Priscilla Cory
High School Student - Kevin Scott Greer
T.V. News Cameraman - Phil Hawn
Jamaican Guy - Fabio May
Boy on Street - Billy McLellan
Student at The Prom - Maureen Mendoza
Fan at Baseball Game - Tracy Reiner
Ferris Boy - Marcello Robinson
Club Kid - Clay Smith
Foreign Exchange student - Hunter G. Williams
HighSchool Student - Danny Zavatsky