"Night of the Creeps" quotes

Night of the Creeps poster
Alien brain parasites, entering humans through the mouth, turn their host into a killing zombie. Some teenagers start to fight against them.

Director: Fred Dekker
Writer: Fred Dekker
Production: N/A
Year: 1986
MetaScore: 62/100
ImdbRating: 6.7
BoxOffice: $591,366
Released: 22 Aug 1986
Awards: 1 win & 1 nomination

14 Clips


Chris - Jason Lively
Cynthia - Jill Whitlow
Ray Cameron - Tom Atkins
Detective Landis - Wally Taylor
Sgt. Raimi - Bruce Solomon
Coroner - Vic Polizos
Johnny - Ken Heron
Karen - June Harris
Young Scientist - David Paymer
Steve - David Oliver
House Mother - Evelyne Smith
Psycho Zombie - Ivan E. Roth
Alien Zombie - Daniel Frishman
Alien Pursuer #1 - Kevin Thompson
Alien Pursuer #2 - Joseph S. Griffo
Sorority Girl on Phone - Katherine Britton
Sorority Girl with Hairbrush - Leslie Ryan
Young Ray Cameron - Dave Alan Johnson
Jennifer - Emily Fiola
Chett - Jim Townsend
Cop Outside Sorority (as Tex Donaldson) - Tom Donaldson
Cop at Police Station - Jay Arlen Jones
Irksome Cop at Cryogenics Lab - Craig Schaefer
Irksome Cop at Murder Scene - Richard Sassin
Patrolman with Searchlight - Robert Kerman
Patrol Car Driver - Jack Lightsy
Cop in Alley - Elizabeth Alda
Beta Zombie - David B. Miller
Beta Zombie - Earl Ellis
Beta Zombie - Arick Stillwagon
Beta Zombie - Robert Kurtzman
Beta Zombie - Ted Rae
Beta Zombie - Keith Werle
Beta Zombie - Howard Berger
Beta Zombie - Beal Carrotes
Mr. Miner - Robert Kino
Informative Student - Todd Bryant
Sorority Girl at Squad Car (as Dawn Schroder) - Dawn Gregg
Dormie #1 - Chris Dekker
Dormie #2 - Brian MacGregor
Cop in Police Station - Shane Black
Frat Party Wallflower - Nicholas Grabowsky