"Night and the City" quotes

Night and the City poster
A small-time grifter and nightclub tout takes advantage of some fortuitous circumstances and tries to become a big-time player as a wrestling promoter.

Director: Jules Dassin
Writer: Jo Eisinger, Gerald Kersh, Austin Dempster
Production: Twentieth Century Fox
Year: 1950
MetaScore: N/A/100
ImdbRating: 7.9
BoxOffice: N/A
Released: 28 Jun 1950
Awards: N/A

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Harry Fabian - Richard Widmark
Mary Bristol - Gene Tierney
Helen Nosseross - Googie Withers
Adam Dunn - Hugh Marlowe
Philip Nosseross - Francis L. Sullivan
Kristo - Herbert Lom
Gregorius - Stanislaus Zbyszko
The Strangler - Mike Mazurki
Mickey Beer - Charles Farrell
Molly the Flower Lady - Ada Reeve
Nikolas of Athens - Ken Richmond
Singer - Adelaide Hall
Pinkney - Eliot Makeham
Undetermined Role - Betty Marsden
Young Policeman - Derek Blomfield
Policeman - Clifford Buckton
Street Musician Bert - Ernest Butcher
Nightclub Hostess - Naomi Chance
Hoskins - Edward Chapman
Policeman - Clifford Cobbe
Night Club Hostess - Patricia Davidson
Anna O'Leary (Blackmarket) - Maureen Delaney
Fergus Chilk, Kristo's Lawyer - Aubrey Dexter
Bagrag a Bar Owner - Thomas Gallagher
Waiter - Rex Garner
Figler, King of the Beggars - James Hayter
Beggar - George Hirste
American Bar Patron - Gerry Judge
Charles, American Bar Bartender - Hamilton Keene
One of Helen's Girls - Kay Kendall
Nightwatchman - J. Hubert Leslie
A second - Walter Magnee
Man in Alley - Jack Mandeville
Beggar - John Mann
Referee - Lew Marco
Unconfirmed Role - Ferdy Mayne
Googin the Forger - Gibb McLaughlin
American from Chicago - MacDonald Parke
Watchman - Charles Paton
Tramp on Stairs - Dido Plumb
American from Chicago - Eddy Reed
Man at Wrestling Match - Harold Sanderson
Mrs. Pinkney - Betty Shale
Beggar - Leonard Sharp
Strangler's Opponent - Ray St. Bernard
Cozen - Tony Sympson
Man on dock - Harry Terry
Beggar - Alan Tilvern
Small American from Chicago - C. Denier Warren
Messenger Boy - Brian Weske
Yosh, Kristo's Goon - Russell Westwood