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"Nighthawks" quotes

Nighthawks poster
When one of Europe's most lethal terrorists shows up in New York, an elite undercover cop is assigned to take him down by any means necessary.

Director: Bruce Malmuth, Gary Nelson
Writer: David Shaber, Paul Sylbert
Production: N/A
Year: 1981
MetaScore: 56/100
ImdbRating: 6.4
BoxOffice: $14,905,359
Released: 10 Apr 1981
Awards: N/A

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Deke DaSilva - Sylvester Stallone
Matthew Fox - Billy Dee Williams
Peter Hartman - Nigel Davenport
Wulfgar - Rutger Hauer
Lt. Munafo - Joe Spinell
Commissioner - Walter Mathews
Sergeant - E. Brian Dean
Puerto Rican Proprietor - Caesar Cordova
Dr. Ghiselin - Charles Duval
Big Mike - Tony Munafo
Disco Manager - Howard Stein
Disco Hostess - Tawn Christian
Designer - Jamie Gillis
Conductor - Luke Reilly
Mrs. Ntembwe - Yvette Hawkins
Mr. Sostrom - Einar Perry Scott
Mrs. Sostrom - Erle Bjornstad
French Ambassador - Jacques Roux
Nigerian Ambassador - Clebert Ford
Swedish Ambassador - Avind Harum
Mr. Ntembwe - Obaka Adedunyo
Suzanne Marigny - Corine Lorain
Rene Marigny - Jean-Pierre Stewart
Reporter - Patrick Fox
Mugger - Central Park - John Cianfrone
Mugger - Central Park - Tim Marquart
Mugger - Central Park - Tony Maffatone
Immigration Officer - Tom Degidon
Brunette - Rita Tellone
Helicopter Pilot - Al Cerullo
Helicopter Pilot - Karl A. Wickman
A.T.A.C. Man - Cliff Cudney
A.T.A.C. Man - Joe Dabenigno
A.T.A.C. Man - Steve Dash
A.T.A.C. Man - John Devaney
A.T.A.C. Man - Paul Farentino
A.T.A.C. Man - Edward Fox
A.T.A.C. Man - Randy Francklan
A.T.A.C. Man - Roger Caine
A.T.A.C. Man - Richard Noyce
A.T.A.C. Man - Dar Robinson
A.T.A.C. Man - Judee Wales
A.T.A.C. Man - Luke Walter
Subway Hostage - Zoya Leporska
Orchard - Brian Osborne
Kenna - Robert Pugh
Chief Police Inspector - Frederick Treves
Girl at Party - Sue Vanner
Ripper - Santo Alam
Hostage - Maria Baan
Subway Passenger - Jim Beaver
DJ at Xenon - Jellybean Benítez
Disco Dancer - Catherine Carlen
Hostage in Cable Car - Ann Pearl Gary
London Passer-by - Charlie Gray
Dancer - Wendy Hammers
Mother - Hostage - Carrie Klein
Furtive Customer - Ralph G. Morse
Detective Mooney - Gerard Murphy
Terrified subway woman - Billie Perkins
Club Dancer - Jerry Schram
Disco Dancer - Tieg Thomas