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"No Blade of Grass" quotes

No Blade of Grass poster
An environmental catastrophe destroys civilization. Led by father John and mother Ann, the Custance clan sets out on a quest for safety in a savage world that may just end up turning them in... Read all

Director: Cornel Wilde
Writer: Sean Forestal, Cornel Wilde, John Christopher
Production: Theodora Productions
Genre: drama, sci-fi
Year: 1970
MetaScore: N/A/100
ImdbRating: 5.9
BoxOffice: N/A
Released: 23 Oct 1970
Awards: 1 nomination

8 Clips & Quotes


John Custance - Nigel Davenport
Ann Custance - Jean Wallace
Roger Burnham - John Hamill
Mary Custance - Lynne Frederick
David Custance - Patrick Holt
Fat Woman - Ruth Kettlewell
George - M.J. Mathews
Police Constable - Michael Percival
Mr. Beaseley - Tex Fuller
T.V. Interviewer (Fred Gray) - Simon Merrick
Sir Charles Brenner - Anthony Sharp
Mr. Sturdevant - George Coulouris
Pirrie - Anthony May
Lieutenant - Max Hartnell
Corporal - John Lewis
Dr. Cassop - Norman Atkyns
Yorkshire Sergeant - John Avison
1st. Hun - Jimmy Winston
2nd. Hun - Richard Penny
3rd. Hun - R.C. Driscoll
Tweed Jacket - Geoffrey Hooper
Murdered Farmer - William Duffy
Joe Ashton - Mervyn Cumming
Emily Ashton - Denise Mockler
Alf Parsons - Ross Allan
Parson's Daughter - Karen Terry
Mrs. Parsons - Joan Ward
Joe Harris - Brian Crabtree
Liz Harris - Susan Sydney
Jess Arkwright - Michael Landy
Susan Arkwright - Louise Kay
Bill Riggs - Bruce Myers
Prudence Riggs - Margaret Chapman
Jill Locke - Bridget Brice
Mr. Blennit - Reg Staniford
Mrs. Blennit - Maureen Rutter
Scott - Derek Keller
Mrs. Scott - Suzanne Pinkstone
Surgit - Surgit Sood
Joe's Wife - Joanna Annin
Captain - John Buckley
Sgt. Major - Malcolm Toes
Man in Food Queue - James Payne
TV newscaster - Nigel Rees
Radio Voice - Cornel Wilde