You shouldn't have done that with sammy dad What are you talking about
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You shouldn't have done that with Sammy, dad. What are you talking about? Making him feel...

Panic 2000
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You shouldn't have done that with Sammy, dad.
What are you talking about?
Making him feel bad like that, about spilling the glue.
The kid's a retard.
He's very smart.
He is!
Okay. I'm sorry. I get aggravated. Tell Martha I'm sorry. Is she pissed at me?
Did she make you come talk to me? Are you the messenger boy?
You pussy-whipped, son? I think you're pussy-whipped. Don't feel bad about it. We're all fuckin' pussy-whipped. Women run the world. Don't let anyone tell you different. Women, not men. Fuck them.
Sneaky, the way they do it. That's what they're good at: being fucking sneaky. Who decides what you're gonna' eat tonight? Who decides how much booze you should drink? Who decides what movie you're gonna' go see? Follow my drift, Alex? Women are vipers.


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You shouldn't have done that with sammy dad What are you talking about
00:00:05.996 --> 00:00:07.505
Making him feel bad like that about spilling the glue
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The kid's a retard He's very smart
00:00:09.508 --> 00:00:11.509
Right He is
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Okay I'm sorry I get aggravated
00:00:14.513 --> 00:00:17.516
Tell martha I'm sorry Is she pissed at me Yes
00:00:18.999 --> 00:00:20.998
Did she make you come talk to me Are you the messenger boy
00:00:20.002 --> 00:00:22.002
No You pussy whipped son
00:00:22.001 --> 00:00:24.998
I think you're pussy whipped
00:00:24.023 --> 00:00:27.999
Don't feel bad about it We're all fuckin' pussy whipped
00:00:27.026 --> 00:00:29.527
Women run the world Don't let anybody tell you different
00:00:29.528 --> 00:00:32.001
Women not men Fuck them
00:00:32.999 --> 00:00:34.532
Eddie you work for a living or what

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Timestamp in movie: 00h 59m 46s
Uploaded: 01 April, 2022
Genres: comedy, crime, drama
Summary: Alex, a hit man, tries to get out of the family business, but his father won't let him do so. While seeking the help of a therapist, he meets a sexually charged 23-year-old woman with whom he falls in love.


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