Pink Floyd: The Wall

Pink Floyd: The Wall poster
Rock star Pink Floyd is a tortured soul. Because of his childhood, he has always tried to make meaningful emotional connections to other living creatures. That childhood includes not having a male role model with his father having been killed in the war, his overprotective mother smothering him, and an oppressive school system quashing his natural creativity. Being a rock star, he is often wanted more because of what he is than who he is. The most recent failure in that true connection to someone or something else is his marriage, when on tour, he discovers that his wife back home is cheating on him. His response is to go in the opposite direction, by building a figurative wall around him to isolate himself from the rest of the world, but not before showing graphically his feelings on different gut levels. The question becomes if he or anyone else can do anything to tear down the wall in a meaningful way.

Director: Alan Parker
Writer: Roger Waters (album "The Wall"), Roger Waters (screenplay)
Production: N/A
Year: 1982
MetaScore: 47/100
ImdbRating: 8.1
BoxOffice: N/A
Released: 17 Sep 1982
Awards: Won 2 BAFTA Film Awards. Another 1 win & 1 nomination.

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Movie Cast

Pink - Bob Geldof
Pink's Mother - Christine Hargreaves
J.A. Pinkerton (Pink's Father) - James Laurenson
Pink's Wife - Eleanor David
Young Pink - Kevin McKeon
Rock and Roll Manager - Bob Hoskins
Little Pink - David Bingham
American Groupie - Jenny Wright
Teacher - Alex McAvoy
English Doctor - Ellis Dale
Playground Father - Ray Mort
Teacher's Wife (as Marjorie Mason) - Margery Mason
American Doctor - Robert Bridges
Hotel Manager - Michael Ensign
Spanish Maid - Marie Passarelli
Security Guard - Winston Rose
Groupie - Joanne Whalley
Groupie - Nell Campbell
Groupie - Emma Longfellow
Groupie - Lorna Barton
Roadie - Rod Bedall
Roadie (as Philip Davis) - Phil Davis
Roadie - Gary Olsen
Minder - Eddie Tagoe
Registrat - Jonathan Scott
Dancing Teacher - Joanna Dickens
Dancing Teacher - John Scott Martin
Teacher - Marilyn Thomas
Teacher - Brenda Cowling
Teacher - Michael Burrell
Teacher - Malcolm Rogers
Teacher - John Broughton
Housekeeper (as John Paul Morgan) - Jon Paul Morgan
Janitor - Albert Moses
Paramedic - Vincent Wong
Paramedic (as Mark Newman) - Marc Atwood
Smash & Grab Lady - Lucita Lijertwood
Smash & Grab Lady - Betty Whelan
Man on Station (as David Fleesham) - David Fleeshman
Wedding Witness - Joanna Andrews
Wedding Witness - Diana King
Wedding Witness - Roger Kemp
Pink's Friend - David Smythe
Pink's Friend - Keith Wray
Policeman - Harry Fielder
Little Girl - Debbie King
Best Man - Roger Waters