There's your Minister of Science
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There's your Minister of Science; honor-bound to expand the frontiers of knowledge......

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George Taylor:
There's your Minister of Science; honor-bound to expand the frontiers of knowledge...
Dr. Zira:
Taylor, please!
George Taylor:
...except that he's also chief Defender of the Faith!
Dr. Zaius:
There is no contradiction between faith and science... true science!
George Taylor:
Are you willing to put that statement to the test?
Taylor, I would much rather...
George Taylor:
Take it easy... you saved me from this fanatic, maybe I can return the favor!

There's your minister of science. Honor-bound to expand the frontiers of knowledge. - Please! - Except he's also chief defender of the faith. There is no contradiction between faith and science - true science. - Are you willing to put it to the test? - l'd rather... Take it easy. You saved me from this fanatic. Maybe l can return the favor. What is your proposal? - When were those sacred scrolls written? - 1,200 years ago. All right. lf they can prove those scrolls don't tell the whole truth of your history, if they can find some real evidence of another culture from the past, will you let them off? - Of course. - Let's go up to the cave. Sorry. You stay here and guard the camp. Always giving orders. Just like every other adult. Relax. You'll get to see it all later on.

Clip duration: 75 seconds
Views: 191
Timestamp in movie: 00h 00m 00s
Uploaded: 12 December, 2020
Genres: science fiction, adventure, drama, action
Summary: Astronaut Taylor crash lands on a distant planet ruled by apes who use a primitive race of humans for experimentation and sport. Soon Taylor finds himself among the hunted, his life in the hands of a benevolent chimpanzee scientist.


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George Taylor - Charlton Heston
Dr. Zaius - Maurice Evans
Cornelius - Roddy McDowall