CONNER Harry What the hell
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Harry, what the hell? First of all, this is an 18,000-seat arena. Nobody sells this out....

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Harry, what the hell?
First of all, this is an 18,000-seat arena. Nobody sells this out. You sold 15,000 seats. That's still really good.
No, it's not good. Hammerleg sold this place out last week.
Well, Aquaspin agrees with you. They're concerned about ticket sales.
What? But it's an 18,000 seat place. Nobody sells that out.
Hammerleg did last week.


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CONNER Harry What the hell
00:00:02.408 --> 00:00:05.734
First of all this is an 18 000 seat arena
00:00:05.736 --> 00:00:07.143
Nobody sells this out
00:00:07.145 --> 00:00:09.999
You sold 15 000 seats That's still really good
00:00:09.064 --> 00:00:10.853
No it's not good
00:00:10.855 --> 00:00:12.806
Hammerleg sold this place out last week
00:00:12.808 --> 00:00:14.631
sighs Well Aquaspin agrees with you
00:00:14.633 --> 00:00:16.422
They're concerned about ticket sales
00:00:16.423 --> 00:00:18.215
What But it's an 18 000 seat place
00:00:18.217 --> 00:00:19.043
Nobody sells that out
00:00:19.432 --> 00:00:21.254
Hammerleg did Last week

Clip duration: 22 seconds
Views: 36
Timestamp in movie: 00:26:18
Uploaded: 19 March, 2022
Genres: comedy, drama, musical
Summary: When it becomes clear that his solo album is a failure, a former boy band member does everything in his power to maintain his celebrity status.


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Conner - Andy Samberg
Harry - Tim Meadows
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