MAN: There's too much
anger in this town.
There's too much fear.
I mean, this is
the epitome of greed
right here,
and that's why I want
to leave.
It's not kind
to outsiders,
I can see the reaction
of people.
They look at me like
I'm an illegal alien.
I think Williston
could be
one of the best things
to ever happen to you.
I do.
Don't give up.
I think I'm
beyond redemption.
I don't think reading
a few bible verses
and hanging out
with some people
in church
is gonna change
all that.
But that's just me.
No, you know what?
Do you know what?
What, someone's gonna
adopt me and say,
"Paul, we're gonna
graft you in here,
you're like my family"?
I don't think
that's gonna happen.
I think this is
I live in reality,
in the real world.
What about people
just loving you?
When is that
gonna happen?
I'm in my 40s now.
When's that
gonna happen?
I know this sounds
so hokey.
But I want to love you.
I love you.
The Overnighters