[man] This court is convened
to address the custodial status
of one Max Kenton, age 11.
Mother, Caroline Fallon, deceased.
Father, Charles Kenton.
Debra Fallon Barnes,
you're the boy's aunt.
Yes. As I've already told you,
my husband, Marvin, is wealthy,
and we can more than provide for Max.
I appreciate that, but per Texas
state law, without a written will
next of kin retains custody.
Charles Kenton, who is aware
of this custody hearing,
and we are expecting him...
[Charlie] No, I need a new robot now.
I had a big fight
for Ambush next Saturday.
I got to show up with something.
Noisy Boy is for sale?
In his day, Noisy Boy was a killer.
How much?
That's a good deal.
What's wrong with him?
I can live with that.