(man) Took me three years
to get over my ex.
Jungian therapy.
Two hours every day. Six weeks.
I burnt her clothes. Twice.
I'm not saying
that her porn star theory is correct.
But you did blow job paradox me?
Hey. Where did you two get to?
Probably 69-ing in the toilets,
no doubt.
Who's up for a shot?
Let's do some shots.
- I think I've had enough to drink.
- We're just gonna head off.
Nonsense. It's a seminal night
so we should mark it somehow.
(Ed) Four sambucas, please.
You look like you've been crying.
- Actually, I was crying.
- With laughter.
Have you ever tried to do it
in a cubicle that small?
I think I left my knickers in there.
She does not need to know
the real reason for your tears.
Did you wanna
leave your knickers in there?
Focus, Jack.
Man Up