The key is to put
a little bit of butter
in the balls like so.
Then you put a nice sloppy
helpin' on there,
and then let the blood flow
right to the other part.
A little wet, and look at that.
Looks like shit.
All right.
Hot cakes are ready.
Get your asses
in here for some cakes.
We cut my hair.
Whoa! Check out this haircut.
God damn it!
Oh-oh! Wow!
He's got it!
That is just...
- What do you... What do you think of it?
- You like it?
- I think it's awesome.
- I think it's pretty awesome.
I think it's awesome
that you feel awesome
for the last day of school, but I gotta
tell you, man, that looks terrible.
Hey, you know what though,
maybe you should put a shirt on.
Looking like a deranged little
ragamuffin with no shirt on.
The Adderall Diaries