All right, everyone,
let's give these heroes
some breathing room.
I'm happy to
field all questions
on their behalf.
Captain Qwark!
Juanita Alvaro,
HoloVid Nightly.
The Blarg have
been underground
for over 50 years.
Could their return
be linked to
the destroyed planets?
I think that's
being a little alarmist,
don't you, Juanita?
Begging your pardon, Captain,
but Drek is responsible.
And his attack today
proves that he is only
getting started.
Now, now!
We must all stay calm.
Everything is under control.
Captain Qwark!
Dallas Wannamaker here.
Does that mean
you'll be asking
these two heroes
to join the Rangers?
Say what now?
Ratchet & Clank