(White coughing)
(all groaning)
White: I landed on my keys.
Oh! I'm still in one piece!
You dodged the whole thing!
You saved us!
Well, it only goes to show
that sometimes,
you just have to color
outside the lines.
Way to go, Green!
Well, thank you, but I
can't take all the credit.
- lt was Yellow's idea.
- Huh?
Black: lt sure was.
That was some fast thinking.
(chuckling) Green, I think you
forgot your sunscreen there.
You've got tan-lines.
I do?
Well, I've never had them before.
- (laughing)
- You do too, Red.
- What?
- I'm going a bit gray myself.
- Oh, no!
- What is it?
These aren't tan lines.
We're starting to fade.
That can only mean one thing.