White folks can't ask
me, you've seen me
on that tube, you
can't ask me too much.
You better stay away from me
when you get to
asking questions.
Ask somebody else
'cause I'm getting
ready to off!
I was on some show,
The Talk Room,
some shit, and white
boy got in my face.
"Well, what is it you
want from me, Paul?"
I said, I want your mama, bitch!
That's what I want.
If you're going to
declare war, declare it.
I was on CNN.
CNN goes all over the world.
Pigmies watch CNN.
It's about the N word.
The white woman went
all up in my face.
"Now, Paul."
"When someone white
says the N word..."
No, it doesn't bother me.
She got mad.
She wanted to hear
some other shit.
She kept coming,
I said to myself,
I'm going to get this bitch.
Paul Mooney: A Piece of My Mind - God Bless America