White people don't spend
a whole lot of time
thinking about their whiteness.
But for black people,
blackness is everywhere.
LACEY: It was in the comics
my friends referenced.
The music being blasted
in their dorm rooms.
And the smack they were talking
while playing cards.
There were moments
in the beginning
where I would walk
into all these black spaces.
And I would think,
how am I gonna fit in?
Or what it's gonna be like?
You know, would I dance
in the right way?
And would I say
the right things?
But they didn't know
all about the fact
that I had grown up
and only known other white kids.
As it turned out,
hanging out with black people
have put a lot
of my insecurities to rest.
The dark skin
I always worried about,
was light skin to them.
And my bad hair
became good hair.
Little White Lie