♫ White is what I was to start
♫ Broken by my open heart
♫ Dum-de-dee-dee
♫ Dee-dee, dum-de-dum ♫
(Skunk) Hi, Rick.
Hi, Skunk.
That looks good.
Oh, um. . .
Yeah, you have to do
the water first. . . Um. . .
And then the suds
and then the water again,
um, to like. . .
rinse it.
ls it hard?
Oh, it's. . . it's really hard.
But l. . . l like it. . .
l like it when something's clean
'cause you, you see it dirty
and then you clean it,
and then it's. . . (stutters) . . .clean
and you wash it
and it's clean
and then it's done. (chuckles)
Cool. l'll see you later, yeah?
See you.
Hi, Mr Oswald.
Hello, darling.
(Rick grunts) Ah!