WHITEY: How you doing?
Jimmy Bulger, Joe Cahill.
I know who Jimmy is.
WHITEY: And I know who Joe Cahill is.
It's a real pleasure, sir.
- Thank you, Jimmy.
- Come on in, Joe.
We're really deep in it, Jimmy,
and we're gonna need your help.
WHITEY: Well, you're gonna get it.
Police had led virtual siege
to the IRA man's home,
obviously determined not to
let the provos stage a repeat
of the paramilitary funeral
they gave his cousin
shot by the SAS two weeks ago.
So, you can see what we're up against.
It's pure evil.
Joe, on my honor,
I can promise that you will have
the biggest weapons cache
you ever laid your Irish eyes on.
I have to tell you,
that would be
a rather large arsenal, indeed.
We're not choirboys.
WHITEY: L want you to know
I'm here for you, always.
The old country thanks you, Jimmy.
Black Mass