Whitey, you okay?
Don't Big Green, it'll explode!
It's a Mokasak noon bomb.
Yes! The noon bomb.
The bomb is set off by the power of the sun.
When the sun hits noon...
Sun hits noon?
Escape with me Mr. Tos.
Rusty! Don't be slow, hurry, follow us!
Which way to the sun?
What do you think you're going to do?
I'm going to stop the sun.
What are you crazy, Big Green?
No one can stop the sun.
Rusty... which way to the sun?
You see that column there?
- Yeah.
- That's enough, stop.
That way.
- Enough, both of you, stop.
- It's the noon column.
This is not the time to pretend to be a hero.
Get Rusty out of here!
I just have to stop the sun from hitting noon,
and then it won't blow up, right, Rusty?
Hey, get back here, get back here now.
Are you crazy?
Why would you help me?
You don't get it? I'm taking you to be destroyed!
The Giant King