Who has a dead wish!
Prince, uncle. Prince of Gidharwaha.
Binnu.. - Yes.
Take the army of south Indians".
I'll see how can the Prince
of Gidharwaha get married.
Yes. Yes. Yes. - Bring the
Prince of Gidharwaha in front of me.
Okay. - Papa--
Yes. - I'll fulfil
this wish of yours.
Are you a leader?
I at least look human.
Goons are supposed
to do such things.
I will do this job.
Come on, gather the army.
Come on, kids.
No good looks or manners
but he thinks he is great.
Let's go. Let's go. You too leave.
Try to understand. Let's go.
Take my blessings before you leave.
Hand it to me.
Ishq Brandy