- Who?
- A man called Paul Sayer.
Look, if you know of a group
operating out of this parish,
please, can tell me?
DOBBS: Leave this thing alone,
I beg of you...
-for your own good.
- No, I can't.
This is our diocese.
It's our Church.
I can't just ignore this.
We've got to fight this.
I've tried fighting it.
It's no good.
You can't stop them.
I couldn't.
They've strength of numbers,
of years...
of corruption, of hate.
I couldn't stand up to them.
I couldn't stand up
to Denzil Joy.
Denzil Joy?
See, I know you visited him.
What is the connection between
him and Paul Sayer's death?
Denzil Joy is a powerful man.
Powerfully evil.
No, not anymore.
No, he's dead.
I was there.
I was with him.