Ah, hello.
Whether you are a professor of the department of the film?
Ah, you are the director who made a short film.
So, what are you doing in our school?
A few years ago..
..siswa at this school
..mengambil horror film as a graduation project.
Sometimes there are classmates who recorded several types of films.
I heard, a film recorders say that it is a recording of a ghost.
What is the title of the film?
The title is not clear
If so, whether it was a few years ago?
It was not clear
I heard of a film taken by a ghost.
Do you find it here?
You really do not know?
Calculated from now on, I have become a professor at the school for ten years.
I heard about this incident for the first time.
Is it possible movie ten years ago?
This school drama department set up ten years ago.
Warning: Do Not Play