- Who all have we vetted?
- Romney, Crist, Pawlenty.
- We're trying to vet Bloomberg.
- Who can we win with?
- None of them.
- None of them?
John, Obama just changed
the entire dynamic.
It is a change year, sir.
We desperately need
a game-changing pick,
and none of these middle-aged
white guys are game-changers.
So... what?
I just fuck off and die?
Well, the data shows we have
four things we have to do.
We have to win back
the independents,
we have to
excite the base,
we have to distance ourselves
from the Bush administration,
and we have to close
the gender gap.
How bad is the gap?
It's fatal.
You've got a 20% advantage
with men, which is great,
but a 20% deficit
with women.
You've got to pick up
15% with females.
Because if you're trailing
by more than five with them,
you lose.
Game Change