Who allowed you inside?
How dare you come back infront of me?
You're absolute disappoint
to this company.
Never mind whatever she screams,
Just open up the matter politely
having pathetic looks...
A saying ''Touching a donkey's feet
for getting something done''.
Just get lost.
Forgive me if my presence
is disturbance to you.
l'll leave after telling you 2 things.
l don't want to hear anything, leave.
Last Sunday after sending a mail to
US company and you at 7.10 pm.
l logged out from the office at 7.15
and it's registered in electronic attendance.
At 7.30 mail has been sent
from my computer.
At 7.23, Vengdee from Operation
Wing logged in.
And logged out at 7.32 and its
registered in attendance log.
This is the copy of the log.
My Boss