Who among ye
be ready to die?
'Cause as of this moment...
...we pirates be taking over
this boat.
And we be taking you
to... Fun Town!
- Ha ha ha! Arrr!
- Yes! There they are!
Hey, guys!
(Kiley gasps)
Max! Water war?
Water war!
Male pirate:
Two teams there be:
Red the color of blood
and blue the color
of the sea.
Female pirate:
The rules are simple.
Only head shots count.
Male pirate:
Three headshots, and ye be out!
Female pirate: Where ye
is shot, there ye shall fall.
Male pirate:
Last one standing be the winner!
Female pirate:
Are ye ready?
Are ye set!
Ha ha!
Fly, Carmichael, fly!
Party Boat