Who are you actually?
My name is Ohantek Ratna Dewi..
from Jakarta..
l came to Malaysia to look for a job.
l'm sorry forlying to you, sir..
l really feel guilty.. l'm sorry..
Why do you lie?
l was told that you don'tlike woman..
Your manager also told me..
that l need to becareful and
don't get caught that l'm around you.
l don't have any bad intention eitherlying to you..
l came here to work.. l'm sorry, sir..
l only feel guilty forlying..
l'm sorry, sir..
Howlong have you been in Malaysia?
Only 2 weeks..
Why do you leave lndonesia?
Have no job over there?
Not really.. l only want to start a newlife..
What happen to your old life?
May be now is not the
right time for me to tell you..