Who are you all?
We are men of Kamla Madam.
One minute wait..
Who are you all?
Adi, let them come.
Come inside.
I had told Kamla yesterday that today is your birthday.
My dear is very emotional..
..so that is why he has called for some expensive gifts.
Love you daddy.
Sorry madam, I will return your money and leave from here.
Don't cry Padma. By mistake you made a mistake.
Money is not important but something auspicious..
..but something auspicious will happen now that you have come in this house.
Right. Now that you have come so amuse us.
Bless us and be happy before leaving.
It is enough that you said it.
As it is my work is to bring happiness on everyone's face.
So let's make Adi's birthday a memorable one.
Happy birthday.