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Rancho Notorious quotes

Rancho Notorious poster
After the murder of his fiancée, a Wyoming ranch hand sets out to find her killer.

Director: Fritz Lang
Writer: Daniel Taradash, Silvia Richards
Production: RKO Radio Pictures Inc.
Genre: western
Year: 1952
MetaScore: N/A/100
ImdbRating: 6.9
BoxOffice: N/A
Released: 12 May 1952
Awards: N/A

15 Clips & Quotes


Altar Keane - Marlene Dietrich
Vern Haskell - Arthur Kennedy
Frenchy Fairmont - Mel Ferrer
Beth Forbes - Gloria Henry
Baldy Gunder - William Frawley
Maxine - Lisa Ferraday
Chuck-a-Luck Dealer - John Raven
Mort Geary - Jack Elam
Wilson - George Reeves
Preacher - Frank Ferguson
Comanche Paul - Dan Seymour
Jeff Factor - John Kellogg
Racer with Fat Girl - Victor Adamson
Barfly - Ray Beltram
Rancher in Posse - Stanley Blystone
Barfly - John Breen
Sheriff Hardy - Lane Chandler
Mexican Girl in Bar - Charlita
Sheriff #4 - Edgar Dearing
Gonzales - Joe Dominguez
Whitey - John Doucette
Storyteller - Dick Elliott
Posse Rider - Art Felix
Race Spectator - John George
Kinch - Lloyd Gough
Ace Maguire - Fred Graham
Politician in Jail Cell - Robert Griffin
Sheriff Sam Bullock - William Haade
Posse Rider - Herman Hack
Townsman - Al Haskell
Gambler - Jack Hendricks
Barfly - Tex Holden
Politician in Jail Cell - Frank Jaquet
Chuck-a-Luck Wheel Spinner - Russell Johnson
Deputy Warren - I. Stanford Jolley
Man on Porch - Ray Jones
The Barber - Fuzzy Knight
Deputy at Gunsight - Harry Lauter
Saloon Girl - Grace Lenard
Deputy in Gunsight - Tom London
Henchman - Pierce Lyden
Man on Porch - Hank Mann
Deputy in Gunsight - Kermit Maynard
Race Spectator - Merrill McCormick
Race Spectator - Mathew McCue
Cantina Bartender - Alex Montoya
Bartender with Gunder - Charles Morton
Deputy in Gunsight - Paul Newlan
Barfly - Artie Ortego
Sheriff #2 - Emory Parnell
Townsman in Office - Robert Robinson
Politician - Ralph Sanford
Clay Springs Townsman - Tom Smith
Doctor Who Attends Beth - James Stone
Posse Member - Forrest Taylor
Sanchez - Felipe Turich
Deputy - Dick Wessel
Marshal McDonald - Harry Woods