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All of us have made certain efforts so our in-laws will like us, but Grace is going to have to give it her all if she wants to fit in with her brand new husband's wealthy dynasty, who require her to follow a brutal tradition: for the bride to try to survive her wedding night while the rest of them hunt her down. The class struggle stuff hits the proverbial fan in this extremely black satire starring a brilliant Samara Weaving and including an uncommonly perverse Andie MacDowell.

Director: Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, Tyler Gillett
Writer: Guy Busick, Ryan Murphy
Production: Fox Searchlight Pictures
Year: 2019
MetaScore: 64/100
ImdbRating: 6.9
BoxOffice: N/A
Released: 21 Aug 2019
Awards: 7 nominations.

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Daniel - Adam Brody
Charity - Elyse Levesque
Aunt Helene - Nicky Guadagni
Stevens - John Ralston
Georgie - Liam MacDonald
Young Alex - Chase Churchill
Young Daniel - Etienne Kellici
Charles - Andrew Anthony
Young Helene - Elana Dunkelman
Young Becky - Kate Ziegler
Masked Family Member #1 - James Eddy
Masked Family Member #2 - Adam Winlove-Smith
Police Officer - Alicia Richardson
Justin (voice) - Nat Faxon
Richard - Guy Busick
Mr. LeBail - James Vanderbilt