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When the creator of a virtual reality called the OASIS dies, he makes a posthumous challenge to all OASIS users to find his Easter Egg, which will give the finder his fortune and control of his world.

Director: Steven Spielberg
Writer: Zak Penn (screenplay by), Ernest Cline (screenplay by), Ernest Cline (based on the novel by)
Production: RatPac-Dune Entertainment, Warner Bros., Village Roadshow Pictures, Amblin Entertainment, De Line Pictures
Year: 2018
MetaScore: 64/100
ImdbRating: 7.5
BoxOffice: $137,690,172
Released: 29 Mar 2018
Awards: Nominated for 1 Oscar. Another 11 wins & 55 nominations.

35 Clips & Quotes


Parzival - Tye Sheridan
Art3mis - Olivia Cooke
Sorrento - Ben Mendelsohn
I-R0k - T.J. Miller
Curator - Simon Pegg
Anorak - Mark Rylance
Daito - Win Morisaki
F'Nale Zandor - Hannah John-Kamen
Alice - Susan Lynch
Mrs. Gilmore - Clare Higgins
Lame Tattoo Guy (Reb) - Laurence Spellman
Sixer #6655 - Joel MacCormack
Reb Kid - Kit Connor
Reb Kid - Leo Heller
Reb Kid - Antonio Mattera
Sorrento's Assistant - Ronke Adekoluejo
Ten Year Old Kid - William Gross
Chubby Guy - Gareth Mason
Old Boxing Woman - Sandra Dickinson
Pole Dancer - Lynne Wilmot
Boy Playing Tennis - Jayden Fowora-Knight
Shift Manager / Mocap Core Cast - Gavin Marshall
Old Zombie Woman - Mark Stanley
Pretty Naked Girl Body Double - Gem Refoufi
Queen of Cats / Bathroom Zombie / Mocap Core Cast - Jane Leaney
Sixer #5 (Last Sixer) - Asan N'Jie
Andrew (Sorrento's Head of Security) - Robert Gilbert
Police Officer - Stephen Mitchell
Reb (Safe House) - Letitia Wright
Reb (Safe House) - Kae Alexander
Mocap Core Cast - Josh Jefferies
Mocap Core Cast / Female Sixer #2 - Avye Leventis
Mocap Core Cast - Dean Street
Sixer Drill Instructor - Michael Wildman
Chief Oology Expert - Turlough Convery
Oology Expert - Joe Hurst
Oology Expert - Eric Sigmundsson
Oology Expert - James Dryden
Oology Expert - Danielle Phillips
Oology Expert - Rona Morison
Oology Expert - Khalil Madovi
IOI Board Member (as Bruce Lester Johnson) - Bruce Lester-Johnson
IOI Board Member - Tom Turner
Sorrento's Man - Paul Barnhill
Halliday 7 Years Old - Isaac Andrews
Female Sixer #1 - Maeve Bluebell Wells
Snacks (Bootsuit Commercial) - Neet Mohan
Kid (Bootsuit Commercial) - Georgie Farmer
Female Gamer (Bootsuit Commercial) - Kathryn Wilder
Regular Guy (Bootsuit Commercial) - Sid Sagar
Hong Kong Businessman - David Forman
Police Officer (Stacks Explosion) - Ian Davies
Elementary Kid - Lulu Wilson
Elementary Kid - Adolfo Alvarez
Elementary Kid - Alonso Alvarez
Elementary Kid - Jadah Marie
Elementary Kid - Dallas Young
Elementary Kid - Mckenna Grace
High School Kid - Arianna Jaffier
High School Kid - Armani Jackson
High School Kid - Britain Dalton
High School Kid - Jacob Bertrand
High School Kid - Daniel Zolghadri
Girl in Bedroom at House - Sydney Brower
Leslee - Cara Pifko
Goro - Vic Chao
Tracer - Cara Theobold
Mocap cast - Sarah Sharman
Willy Junior - Raed Abbas
BigLadMelton - Aesthetical
Zandor's Technician - Peter Alberti
Gospel Singer - Naana Agyei Ampadu
Gamer Kid - Elisabeth Anisimow
Sixer 665323 - Arazou Baker
Guy on Bus - David Barrera
Shop Staff - Amy Clare Beales
Pretty Naked Girl (archive footage) - Lia Beldam
Soccer Player - Jaeden Bettencourt
Stacks Mob Leader - Gordon Bibby
Gospel Singer - Donovan Blackwood
Sixer - Annarie Boor
Oasis Pedestrian - Darryl Bradford
Bus Passenger - Juan Carlos Cantu
Bus Goer - Ray Ray Chase
Classroom Kid - Emme Chisholm
High School Girl - Jasmine Church
Stacks Kid - Gabriel Clapson
Player - Justin Cosh
Sub Zero - Kelton Crane
Elementary Student - Avery Franklin Davis
Niner - Nick Davison
Dancer - Marty Dew
Sixer - Jane Douglas
Chucky - Brad Dourif
Supermarket Kid #2 - Julian Edwards
Corporate Businessman - Daniel Eghan
School Kid - Nousha Flore
IOI Staff - Gloria Garcia
Sixer - Fatah Ghedi
Stacks Resident - Sade Giliberti
Caravan Stacks Tenant - Rudy Valentino Grant
Core Sixer - Shane Griffin
Blue Collar Worker - Paulette Harris-German
Kid at Home - Carter Hastings
Chinese Gamer - Alfred Hsing
Friend - A.J. Hudson
Sixer - Kian Hunt
Player - Danny Jackson
Cafe Patron - Nasir Jama
Games Player - Michelle Jeffers
Tik Tok Star - Robert Jenner
Sub Rebel - Lucas Jones
Fighter - Arun Kapur
Stacks Pizza Paul - Paul Kenward
High School Student - Amanda LaCount
Passer by - Jamie Lambe
Zombie Axe Lady - Lynn Ann Leveridge
Artemis Fan - Chelsea Li
Blue Collar Worker - Sly Livingstone
Office Worker - Bobby Mahmi
Corporate Businessman - Kenny-Lee Mbanefo
Shopping Cart Kid - Violet McGraw
Blue Collar Worker - Adam Millard
Oology Expert - Morris Minelli
Street Crowd Member - Danuta Morgan
Virtual Reality Creature - Andre Myers
Loyalty Centre Worker - Shaun Newnham
JN / Commuter - Julia Nickson
SWAT and Passer By - Mal Nisbett
Blue Collar Worker - Emeson Nwolie
Technician VR - Hugh O'Brien
Beautiful Woman - Racheal Ofori
OASIS Player - Chuey Okoye
Stacks Resident - Baltazar Oliva
IOI SWAT Team / Rebel - Steven Peace
Shopper - Elisa Perry
Stacks Worker - Jacqueline Ramnarine
Hong Kong Office Worker - Blake Ridder
Soccer Goalie - Di Vinci SanTana
Stacks Resident - Alicia Shenreice
Stacks Dweller - Clem So
Oology Expert - Solomon B Taiwo
Contemporary Stacks Resident - Albert Tang
Blue Collar Worker - Fran Targ
Stacks Resident - Peter Theobalds
Lajeremy Johnson - Daniel Tuite
Soccer Player - Mariah Watkins
Blue Collar Worker - Trevor Watts
Homeless OASIS Player - Tom Whelehan