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Miss what
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I had three daughters. I... I know. Geena was five. Jenny was seven, she, uh... she liked...

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Charlie Fineman: [Charlie looks at Alan] I had three daughters. Alan Johnson: [surprised] I... I know. Charlie Fineman: Geena was five. Jenny was seven, she, uh... she liked boys already. Julie was 9. She was... she was older. They all looked alike, Johnson. Like Doreen. Doreen was my wife. DT. That was her nickname. Doreen Timpleman. She had a dog, Spider. Spider... the poodle. They'd wake me up all the time, Saturday mornings, you know, singing Beatles songs to me in harmony, the four of them... so cute, so cute. Doreen never judged me... never nagged like some wives do. Wanted me to take my shoes off so I didn't wreck the carpet. That's it. Doreen and the girls were VERY female. I... I... I was the oddball, you know. Mr. Man. They adored me, Johnson... Alan Johnson: I bet they did... I know they did, Charlie. Charlie Fineman: With the long brown hair... except little Geena. She kept the hair short... to be different from everybody... she, um, she had a birthmark, though. Looked like a burn... but it wasn't. She always said it was gonna go away, but it... it never did. Jenny, Jenny, this one... she wanted to be a gymnast. She was such a klutz, though. I didn't have the heart to mention it as a problem. They, uh, went to see Doreen's sister Ellen and her girls in Boston, and they took Spider, because... I had to work and they didn't trust me to feed her, but that was a joke. We were all going to DT's little cousin's wedding in Los Angeles, and I was gonna meet them out there... The kids wanted to go to Disneyland, but they... they uh, were already gonna miss a couple days of school, so we had to say no. You know. So I'm going out to meet them in Los Angeles, and on the way to JFK, I'm in a taxicab and I hear on the radio... [slowly starts to cry] Charlie Fineman: I get there and the man tells me the plane's from Boston... another man tells me there's two planes. [sobs] Charlie Fineman: Then I go inside the airport and I'm watching. I'm watching on the television... and I... and I... I... I saw it. I saw it and I felt it at the same time. I thought about Geena's birthmark, and I... I felt them burning...


00:00:01.000 --> 00:00:02.827
Miss what
00:00:04.337 --> 00:00:06.543
Nothing Forget it What What Come on
00:00:06.714 --> 00:00:08.458
Charlie nothing all right Forget it
00:00:08.633 --> 00:00:11.966
No what do you think l missed being a dentist
00:00:12.136 --> 00:00:13.299
Do you
00:00:13.471 --> 00:00:14.965
00:00:15.139 --> 00:00:17.891
Why what Why are you asking me
00:00:18.001 --> 00:00:20.998
Are you trying to focus me
00:00:20.228 --> 00:00:24.012
ls that it Did they send you here to focus me
00:00:24.019 --> 00:00:28.188
Yeah you got me That's it l'm with the ClA
00:00:28.361 --> 00:00:30.353
and this is Operation Focus Fineman
00:00:30.053 --> 00:00:32.107
Are you kidding me Better not be
00:00:32.281 --> 00:00:35.733
Charlie if we're gonna be friends you have to be able to trust me

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Uploaded: 28 March, 2022
Genres: drama
Summary: A man who lost his family in the September 11 attack on New York City runs into his old college roommate. Rekindling the friendship is the one thing that appears able to help the man recover from his grief.


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