"Return to House on Haunted Hill" quotes

Return to House on Haunted Hill poster
Several years after the events from the first movie, an evil mercenary group and a team of researchers they've taken hostage return to the haunted asylum in search of a precious statue, a satanic idol believed to possess demonic powers.

Director: Víctor García
Writer: Robb White (based on characters created by), William Massa
Production: N/A
Year: 2007
MetaScore: N/A/100
ImdbRating: 4.6
BoxOffice: N/A
Released: 16 Oct 2007
Awards: 1 win.

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Ariel Wolfe - Amanda Righetti
Michelle - Cerina Vincent
Desmond - Erik Palladino
Paul - Tom Riley
Dr. Vannacutt - Jeffrey Combs
Dr. Richard Hammer - Steven Pacey
Norris - Gil Kolirin
Warren - Charles Venn
Ariel's Assistant - Tatina de Marinis
Lead Inmate Ghost - George Zlatarev
Sara's Ghost - Stilyana Mitkova
Nurse Ghost - Laia Colàs
Beautiful Woman Ghost - Oksana Borbat
Beautiful Woman Ghost - Xeniya Fesenko
Albino Ghost - Miroslav Petrov
Albino Ghost - Emil Markov
Albino Ghost - Deian Dinev
Ghost - Emil Tonev
Man on Beach - Nikolai Iliev
Woman on Beach - Jasminne Majid
Mental Patient - Hristo Parvanov
Mental Patient - Nikolai Chobanov
Male Beach Goer - Bill R. Dean