Rope of Sand quotes

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A man abused by a sadistic mining company cop before he could tell where on their desert property he'd found diamonds decides to steal them instead.

Director: William Dieterle
Writer: Walter Doniger, John Paxton
Production: Paramount
Year: 1949
MetaScore: N/A/100
ImdbRating: 6.8
BoxOffice: N/A
Released: 03 Aug 1949
Awards: 1 nomination

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Mike Davis - Burt Lancaster
Commandant Paul Vogel - Paul Henreid
Arthur Martingale - Claude Rains
Toady - Peter Lorre
Suzanne Renaud - Corinne Calvet
Dr. Francis Hunter - Sam Jaffe
Thompson - John Bromfield
Pierson - Mike Mazurki
Chairman - Edmund Breon
Ingram - Hayden Rorke
Specialty Singer - Josef Marais
Specialty Singer - Miranda Marais
Waiter - James Adamson
Carl - Headwaiter - Frank Alten
Bartender - Frank Arnold
Batsuma Chief - Everett Brown
Callboy - Byron Ellis
Native - Joel Fluellen
Guard - Art Foster
Perseus Club Manager - Carl Harbord
Waiter - David Hoffman
Board Member - Stuart Holmes
Sponson - Kenneth Hunter
Batsuma Chief - Darby Jones
Nightclub Table Extra - Kenner G. Kemp
Woman - Ida Moore
Ship's Captain - Nestor Paiva
Oscar - Waiter - Rodd Redwing
Jacques the Headwaiter - Georges Renavent
Vulture Faced Man - Franz Roehn
Switchboard Operator - Trevor Ward
Batsuma Chief - Martin Wilkins
Guard - Harry Wilson
Party Extra - Eric Wilton