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"Saboteur" quotes

Saboteur poster
A young man accused of sabotage goes on the lam to prove his innocence.

Director: Alfred Hitchcock
Writer: Peter Viertel, Joan Harrison, Dorothy Parker
Production: Universal Pictures, Frank Lloyd Productions
Genre: thriller, war
Year: 1942
MetaScore: 64/100
ImdbRating: 7.2
BoxOffice: N/A
Released: 24 Apr 1942
Awards: 1 nomination

21 Clips


Patricia (Pat) Martin - Priscilla Lane
Barry Kane - Robert Cummings
Charles Tobin - Otto Kruger
Freeman - Alan Baxter
Neilson - Clem Bevans
Frank Fry - Norman Lloyd
Mrs. Henrietta Sutton - Alma Kruger
Philip Martin aka Mr. Miller - Vaughan Glaser
Mrs. Mason - Dorothy Peterson
Robert - Ian Wolfe
Society Woman - Frances Carson
Truck Driver - Murray Alper
Mrs. Brown -- Young Mother - Kathryn Adams
Bones - Circus Troupe - Pedro de Cordoba
Midget - Circus Troupe - Billy Curtis
Fat Woman - Circus Troupe (as Marie Le Deaux) - Marie LeDeaux
Lorelei - Circus Troupe - Anita Sharp-Bolster
Siamese Twin (as Jeanne Romer) - Jean Romer
Siamese Twin (as Lynn Romer) - Laura Mason
Detective - Hardie Albright
Deputy Sheriff-Driver - Oliver Blake
Marine MP Sergeant - Al Bridge
Party Guest - Ralph Brooks
Farmer - Paul E. Burns
FBI Man - Don Cadell
Party Guest - James Carlisle
Detective Outside Movie Theater - Jack Cheatham
Edward - Hans Conried
Man in Movie Audience - Kernan Cripps
Midget - Mary Curtis
Party Guest - Sayre Dearing
Party Guest - Helen Dickson
Refugee Mother - Norma Drury
FBI Agent at Mason's House - Ralph Dunn
Footman - John Eldredge
Party Guest - Paul Everton
George - Elevator Operator - Pat Flaherty
Motorcycle Cop (voice) - James Flavin
Driver for Saboteurs - Eddie Foster
Pat's Taxi Driver - Jack Gardner
Plant Worker - Gene Garrick
Radio Broadcaster (voice) - Art Gilmore
Mr. Pearl - Gus Glassmire
Stranger on Sidewalk - William Gould
Second Sheriff - Charles Halton
Party Guest - Sam Harris
Henry's Wife in Movie - Margaret Hayes
Will - Other Man in Movie - Vinton Hayworth
Man in Front of New York Drugstore - Alfred Hitchcock
FBI Chief - Selmer Jackson
Man Killed in Movie Theater - Milton Kibbee
Plant Cafeteria Worker - Rex Lease
Rogers - Will Lee
Party Guest - Ethelreda Leopold
Young Mother - Nancy Loring
Man - Lou Lubin
Taxi Driver - Jimmie Lucas
Man in Newsreel Truck - Frank Marlowe
Cowhand - Kermit Maynard
Baby Susie Brown - Margaret Ann McLaughlin
Party Guest - Frank McLure
FBI Agent - Dick Midgley
Party Guest - Harold Miller
Adele - Tobin's Maid - Belle Mitchell
Mrs. Moore - Neighbor - Margaret Moffatt
Party Guest - Field Norton
Jitterbug - Gene O'Donnell
Counterman at Statue of Liberty - Paddy O'Flynn
Plant Worker - George Offerman Jr.
Woman in Car - Dorothy Parker
Henry - Husband in Movie - Emory Parnell
Society Woman - Ruth Peterson
Plant Security Officer - Lee Phelps
Driver - Paul Phillips
Elevator Operator - Gerald Pierce
Tourist - Louis Quince
Cameraman - Tony Randall
Party Guest - Cyril Ring
Siamese Twin - Lynne Romer
Deputy Marshal - William Ruhl
Ken Mason - Jeffrey Sayre
Dog - Shadow
Barry's Taxi Driver - Charles Sherlock
Detective - Byron Shores
Motorcycle Highway Patrolman - Harry Strang
Henchman - Virgil Summers
Blonde Aircraft Worker - Jean Trent
Motorcycle Cop (voice) - Archie Twitchell
FBI Assistant - Phone Operator - Dale Van Sickel
Wife in Movie Audience - Claire Whitney
First Sheriff - Matt Willis
Farmer's Wife - Marjorie Wood
J.C. Lormans - Company Official - Will Wright
First FBI Man at Mason's House - Barton Yarborough
Deputy Sheriff - Duke York