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Los Angeles aircraft worker Barry Kane evades arrest after he is unjustly accused of sabotage. Following leads, he travels across the country to New York City trying to clear his name by exposing a gang of fascist-supporting saboteurs led by apparently respectable Charles Tobin. Along the way, he involves Pat Martin, eventually preventing another major act of sabotage. They finally catch up with Frank Frye, the man who actually committed the act of sabotage at the aircraft factory.

Director: Alfred Hitchcock
Writer: Peter Viertel (original screen play), Joan Harrison (original screen play), Dorothy Parker (original screen play)
Production: MCA Universal Home Video
Genre: thriller, war
Year: 1942
MetaScore: 64/100
ImdbRating: 7.2
BoxOffice: N/A
Released: 24 Apr 1942
Awards: 1 nomination.

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Patricia (Pat) Martin - Priscilla Lane
Barry Kane - Robert Cummings
Charles Tobin - Otto Kruger
Freeman - Alan Baxter
Neilson - Clem Bevans
Frank Fry - Norman Lloyd
Mrs. Henrietta Sutton - Alma Kruger
Philip Martin aka Mr. Miller - Vaughan Glaser
Mrs. Mason - Dorothy Peterson
Robert - Ian Wolfe
Society Woman - Frances Carson
Truck Driver - Murray Alper
Mrs. Brown -- Young Mother - Kathryn Adams
Bones - Circus Troupe - Pedro de Cordoba
Midget - Circus Troupe - Billy Curtis
Fat Woman - Circus Troupe (as Marie Le Deaux) - Marie LeDeaux
Lorelei - Circus Troupe - Anita Sharp-Bolster
Siamese Twin (as Jeanne Romer) - Jean Romer
Siamese Twin (as Lynn Romer) - Laura Mason
Detective - Hardie Albright
Deputy Sheriff-Driver - Oliver Blake
Marine MP Sergeant - Al Bridge
Party Guest - Ralph Brooks
Farmer - Paul E. Burns
FBI Man - Don Cadell
Party Guest - James Carlisle
Detective Outside Movie Theater - Jack Cheatham
Edward - Hans Conried
Man in Movie Audience - Kernan Cripps
Midget - Mary Curtis
Party Guest - Sayre Dearing
Party Guest - Helen Dickson
Refugee Mother - Norma Drury
FBI Agent at Mason's House - Ralph Dunn
Footman - John Eldredge
Party Guest - Paul Everton
George - Elevator Operator - Pat Flaherty
Motorcycle Cop (voice) - James Flavin
Driver for Saboteurs - Eddie Foster
Pat's Taxi Driver - Jack Gardner
Plant Worker - Gene Garrick
Radio Broadcaster (voice) - Art Gilmore
Mr. Pearl - Gus Glassmire
Stranger on Sidewalk - William Gould
Second Sheriff - Charles Halton
Party Guest - Sam Harris
Henry's Wife in Movie - Margaret Hayes
Will - Other Man in Movie - Vinton Hayworth
Man in Front of New York Drugstore - Alfred Hitchcock
FBI Chief - Selmer Jackson
Man Killed in Movie Theater - Milton Kibbee
Plant Cafeteria Worker - Rex Lease
Rogers - Will Lee
Party Guest - Ethelreda Leopold
Young Mother - Nancy Loring
Man - Lou Lubin
Taxi Driver - Jimmie Lucas
Man in Newsreel Truck - Frank Marlowe
Cowhand - Kermit Maynard
Baby Susie Brown - Margaret Ann McLaughlin
Party Guest - Frank McLure
FBI Agent - Dick Midgley
Party Guest - Harold Miller
Adele - Tobin's Maid - Belle Mitchell
Mrs. Moore - Neighbor - Margaret Moffatt
Party Guest - Field Norton
Jitterbug - Gene O'Donnell
Counterman at Statue of Liberty - Paddy O'Flynn
Plant Worker - George Offerman Jr.
Woman in Car - Dorothy Parker
Henry - Husband in Movie - Emory Parnell
Society Woman - Ruth Peterson
Plant Security Officer - Lee Phelps
Driver - Paul Phillips
Elevator Operator - Gerald Pierce
Tourist - Louis Quince
Cameraman - Tony Randall
Party Guest - Cyril Ring
Siamese Twin - Lynne Romer
Deputy Marshal - William Ruhl
Ken Mason - Jeffrey Sayre
Dog - Shadow
Barry's Taxi Driver - Charles Sherlock
Detective - Byron Shores
Motorcycle Highway Patrolman - Harry Strang
Henchman - Virgil Summers
Blonde Aircraft Worker - Jean Trent
Motorcycle Cop (voice) - Archie Twitchell
FBI Assistant - Phone Operator - Dale Van Sickel
Wife in Movie Audience - Claire Whitney
First Sheriff - Matt Willis
Farmer's Wife - Marjorie Wood
J.C. Lormans - Company Official - Will Wright
First FBI Man at Mason's House - Barton Yarborough
Deputy Sheriff - Duke York