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Saw V quotes

Saw V poster
Detective Mark Hoffman is deemed a hero after he saves a young girl and "escapes" one of Jigsaw's games, or so it seems. Special Agent Peter Strahm is suspicious of him after an injured Agent Lindsay Perez says Hoffman's name. While Agent Strahm looks into Detective Hoffman's past, five people, who helped burn down a building which was supposedly abandoned, face a series of tests set up by Jigsaw.

Director: David Hackl
Writer: Patrick Melton (screenplay), Marcus Dunstan (screenplay)
Production: Twisted Pictures
Year: 2008
MetaScore: 20/100
ImdbRating: 5.8
BoxOffice: $56,746,769
Released: 24 Oct 2008
Awards: 1 win & 2 nominations.

25 Clips & Quotes


Jigsaw - Tobin Bell
Mark Hoffman - Costas Mandylor
Agent Strahm - Scott Patterson
Brit - Julie Benz
Dan Erickson - Mark Rolston
Charles - Carlo Rota
Mallick - Greg Bryk
Ashley - Laura Gordon
Chief of Police - Al Sapienza
Detective Fisk - Mike Realba
Bernie - Jeff Pustil
Law Office Receptionist - Dana Sorman
Special Agent Cowan - Sheila Shah
Pamela Jenkins - Samantha Lemole
Rigg - Lyriq Bent
Agent Perez - Athena Karkanis
Eric Matthews - Donnie Wahlberg
David Tapp - Danny Glover
Amanda - Shawnee Smith
Corbett - Niamh Wilson
Officer - Bill Vibert
Heather Miller - Natalie Brown
Person with Dog - Quancetia Hamilton
Old Woman - Lorraine Foreman
Angelina - Sarah Power
Jasmine - Cory Lee
Additional Voice Talent - David Gale
Additional Voice Talent - Catherine Rix
Additional Voice Talent - Michael A. Miranda
Additional Voice Talent - Stephen Sparks
Additional Voice Talent - Jennifer Donison
Bartender - Wayne Curnew
Skateboard Kid - Kai Orion Meister
Grayson Blood - Alex Revan
Bartender - Jimmy Star