"Seabiscuit" quotes

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True story of the undersized Depression-era racehorse whose victories lifted not only the spirits of the team behind it but also those of their nation.

Director: Gary Ross
Writer: Laura Hillenbrand, Gary Ross
Production: N/A
Year: 2003
MetaScore: 72/100
ImdbRating: 7.3
BoxOffice: $120,277,854
Released: 25 Jul 2003
Awards: Nominated for 7 Oscars. 6 wins & 44 nominations total

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Narrator - David McCullough
Charles Howard - Jeff Bridges
Bicycle Supervisor - Paul Vincent O'Connor
Tom Smith - Chris Cooper
Steamer Owner - Michael Ensign
Car Customer - James Keane
Annie Howard - Valerie Mahaffey
Land Broker - David Doty
Mr. Pollard - Michael O'Neill
Mrs. Pollard - Annie Corley
Young Red Pollard - Michael Angarano
Pollard Child - Cameron Bowen
Pollard Child - Noah Luke
Pollard Child - Mariah Bess
Pollard Child - Jamie Lee Redmon
Charles Strub - Ed Lauter
Alberto Gianini - Gianni Russo
Mr. Blodget - Sam Bottoms
Red Pollard - Tobey Maguire
Dutch Doogan - Royce D. Applegate
Bug Boy Jockey - William Hollick
Bug Boy Jockey - Joe Rocco Jr.
Frankie Howard - Dyllan Christopher
Boxing Match Referee - Anthony Klingman
Marcela Howard - Elizabeth Banks
Marcela's Friend - Michelle Arthur
George Woolf - Gary Stevens
Young Jockey - Danny Strong
White Horse Trainer - Hans Howes
Molina Rojo Woman (as Camillia Sanes) - Camillia Monet
Angry Trainer - Clif Alvey
Saratoga Trainer - Dan Daily
Farm Manager - Borden Flanagan
Sunny Fitzsimmons - Shay Duffin
Saratoga Jockey - Kevin Mangold
Tick Tock McGlaughlin - William H. Macy
Bugle Player - Jay Cohen
Santa Anita Track Announcer - Frank Mirahmadi
Speed Dual Jockey - Michael Hunter
Reporter Max - Peter Jason
Reporter Roy - John Walcutt
Racing Tout - Tony Volu
Reporter Lewis - James DuMont
Horace Halsteder - Robin Bissell
Samuel Riddle - Eddie Jones
Tick-Tock's Squeeze - Paige King
Charley Kurtsinger - Chris McCarron
Pimlico Night Watchman - Roger E. Fanter
Tractor Worker - Gary McGurk
Baltimore Doctor - Michael B. Silver
Radio Reporter Joe - Richard Reeves
Pimlico Starter - Matt Miller
Pimlico Track Announcer - Gary Ross
Seabiscuit's Vet - Pat Skipper
Clocker Man - Ben Campisi
California Doctor - Ken Magee
Horse Vocals (as Gary Hacker) - Gary A. Hecker
Male Mariachi Band Leader - Jose Hernandez
Male Mariachi Band (as Jesse Hernandez) - Jesse Lizarraga
Male Mariachi Band - Julio Hernandez
Male Mariachi Band - José Ramírez
Male Mariachi Band (as Fernando Moreno) - Fernando C. Moreno
Male Mariachi Band (as Pedro Hernandez) - Tony Rhune
Male Mariachi Band - Dennis Meade
Male Mariachi Band - Javier Juarequi
Male Mariachi Band - Aerial Delarosa
Male Mariachi Band - Eric Hernandez
Male Mariachi Band - Raul Cuellar
Female Mariachi Band - Catherine M. Baseza
Female Mariachi Band - Gina A. Duran
Female Mariachi Band - Cynthia Reifler Flores
Female Mariachi Band - Monica Fogelquist
Female Mariachi Band - Maria Luisa Fregosa
Female Mariachi Band - Ruby Guiterrez
Female Mariachi Band - Sylvia N. Hinojosa
Female Mariachi Band - Mariana Nanez
Female Mariachi Band - Leticia Olmos
Female Mariachi Band - Laura Pena
Female Mariachi Band - Karla Tovar
Salvation Army Band - George Baker
Salvation Army Band - Matthew Gillies
Salvation Army Band - Jacqui Larsson
Salvation Army Band - Daniel Martinez
Salvation Army Band - J. Aaron Stanley
Salvation Army Band - Michael White
Salvation Army Band - Ivan Wild
Blacksmith - Loyd Catlett
Race Spectator - Jason Justice
Race Day Audience - Lindsay Peak
Race fan in the stands - Christin Taylor-Antonio