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Hey hi Who's this
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Who's this? Well, who are you? This is Kyle MacDonaldson. You've got a great speaking...

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MacDonaldson: [on the phone] Who's this? Nardo: Well, who are you? MacDonaldson: This is Kyle MacDonaldson. Nardo: You've got a great speaking voice. Are you black? What's that... What's that like?


00:00:01.000 --> 00:00:02.627
Hey hi Who's this
00:00:02.071 --> 00:00:03.961
Well who are you
00:00:04.045 --> 00:00:05.755
This is Kyle MacDonaldson
00:00:05.838 --> 00:00:08.257
You've got a great speaking voice Are you black
00:00:08.341 --> 00:00:09.926
What's that What's that like

Clip duration: 11 seconds
Views: 129
Timestamp in movie: 01h 06m 11s
Uploaded: 06 December, 2022
Genres: comedy
Summary: Two oafs must rescue their stranded pal in Mexico.


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