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"Sex Tape" quotes

Sex Tape poster
A married couple wake up to discover that the sex tape they made the evening before has gone missing, leading to a frantic search for its whereabouts.

Director: Jake Kasdan
Writer: Kate Angelo, Jason Segel, Nicholas Stoller
Production: N/A
Genre: comedy, romance
Year: 2014
MetaScore: 36/100
ImdbRating: 5.1
BoxOffice: $38,543,473
Released: 18 Jul 2014
Awards: 2 wins & 3 nominations

6 Clips


Annie - Cameron Diaz
Robby - Rob Corddry
Hank - Rob Lowe
Max - Nat Faxon
Edward - Randall Park
Piper Bros. Executive - Joe Stapleton
Charlie - James Wilcox
Beth - Erin Brehm
Catalina - Jolene Blalock
Bodyguard - Melvin Brown
Principal - Osmani Rodriguez
Mailman - Dave Allen
Doctor - Celeste Oliva
Audience Member - Brian Douglas Young
Graduation Parent - Sophia Bakas
Owner of YouPorn - Jack Black
Graduation Guest - Eliane Brick
Graduation Parent - Brina
Student at Graduation - Jack Brunault
Graduation Parent - Amanda Camarena Burdier
Graduation Parent - Tom Carrigan
Bodyguard - Bo Cleary
Audience Member - Guy Cooper
Graduation Parent - Christopher Coulouras
Graduation Parent - Tiffany Crosby
Dogwalker - Taber Cross
Actor - Dani Dare
Graduating Student - Naysa Kaira DaSilva
Young Adult - Lily Davis
Graduation Parent - Alexandre Dornback
Student - Brendan Egan
Graduation Party Guest - Julia Eisenberg
Auditorium Parent - Chris Estes
Graduation Audience - Tim Estiloz
Grandparent at Graduation - Wendy Farley
Graduation Parent - Mark Garrigus
Parent - Amanda Gavin
Parent - Robert Glenn
Teacher - Tom Granger
Student at Graduation - Ben Gribov
Graduation Guest - Alin Halajian
Professor - London Hall
Student at Graduation - Devin Henry
Professor - Rosemary Howard
Annie's College Friend - Kimberly Howe
Brittany - Emma Jonnz
Mrs. Hank - Kate Jurdi
Student - Oscar Keenan
Bus Passenger - Bobby Kenney
Parent at 4th Grade Graduation Ceremony - Gwen Kosak
Graduation Parent - Lynn L'Heureux
Graduation guest - Davide Leone
Graduation Attendee - Christopher J. Long
Graduation Parent - Christopher Macken
Student - Kimberly Mae
Graduation Grandparent - Michael Maggiani
Student - Benjamin Manoli
Graduation Parent - Gina Margiotta
Graduation Parent - Chris Mentillo
Graduation Parent - Jan Meyer
Graduation Guest - Whitney Meyer
Parent - Amanda Micsak
Graduation Audience - Firzany Mokti
Graduating Student - Casey Monteiro
Graduating Student - Gavin Monteiro
Graduation Attendee - Kim Mulhauser
Parent - Leigh Nicole
Grandparent - Joseph Oliveira
Birthday Party Guest - Benjamin Pitz
Birthday Party Girl - Elizabeth Popovich
Graduation Parent - Rickland Powell
Graduation Attendee - Todd Rapisarda
Graduation Parent - Steven Rears
Uncle of Allison Hampton - Doug Reed
Class Mate - Austin J. Ryan
Student - Eva Senerchia
Graduation Audience - Sandra Jack Shaw
Graduation Party Guest - Keith Shilts
Grandparent - Yefim Somin
Parent - Carole Taylor
Older Brother - Carl 'CJ' Tempesta
School Kid - Aingea Venuto
Dog Walker - George J. Vezina
Grandparent - Jan Waldman
Radio Station Employee - Mike Wendt
Graduation - Precious White
Chief Editor - Darryl Wooten