I don't want no trouble, Starrett. I came to inform ya. I got that beef contract for the...

I don't want no trouble
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Rufus Ryker:
I don't want no trouble, Starrett. I came to inform ya. I got that beef contract for the reservation.
Joe Starrett:
Did it take this many of you to tell me that?
Rufus Ryker:
I mean business.
Joe Starrett:
Then you tend to your own.
Rufus Ryker:
That's just what I'm doing! I'm telling ya now, I'm gonna need all my range.
Joe Starrett:
Now that you've warned me, would you mind gettin' off my place?
Rufus Ryker:
Your place! You're gonna have to get out before the snow flies.
Joe Starrett:
And supposin' I don't?
Rufus Ryker:
You and the other squatters...
Joe Starrett:
Homesteaders, you mean, don't you?
Rufus Ryker:
I could blast you out of here right now, you and the others.
Joe Starrett:
Now you listen to me, the time for gun-blastin' a man off his own place is past. Why, they're building a penitentiary right now...
Marian Starrett:
Joe, that's enough.


00:00:01.000 --> 00:00:06.038
I don't want no trouble Starrett I came to inform you
00:00:06.548 --> 00:00:09.425
I got that reservation beef contract
00:00:09.592 --> 00:00:12.845
So many to tell me that I mean business
00:00:13.012 --> 00:00:17.001
Then tend to your own That's just what I'm doing
00:00:17.183 --> 00:00:19.852
I'm gonna need all my range
00:00:20.998 --> 00:00:22.688
Now that you've warned me get off my place
00:00:22.856 --> 00:00:24.982
Your place
00:00:25.984 --> 00:00:28.777
You'll have to get out before the snow
00:00:28.945 --> 00:00:32.364
Supposing I don't You and the other squatters
00:00:32.532 --> 00:00:36.285
Homesteaders you mean I could blast you out of here right now
00:00:36.703 --> 00:00:37.953
You and the others
00:00:38.121 --> 00:00:43.709
Listen to me The time for gun blasting a man off his place is passed
00:00:43.877 --> 00:00:47.838
They're building a penitentiary to take care of Joe that's enough

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Timestamp in movie: 00h 06m 06s
Uploaded: 30 November, 2022
Genres: drama, western
Summary: A weary gunfighter in 1880s Wyoming begins to envision a quieter life after befriending a homestead family with a young son who idolizes him, but a smoldering range war forces him to act.


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Rufus Ryker - Emile Meyer
Joe Starrett - Van Heflin
Marian Starrett - Jean Arthur