Well, what'll it be? Lemon, strawberry or lilac, sodbuster? You speakin' to me? I don't...

Strawberry or lilac
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[after Shane enters the bar and orders asks for a soda pop, Chris tries to bully him]

Chris Calloway:
Well, what'll it be? Lemon, strawberry or lilac, sodbuster?
You speakin' to me?
Chris Calloway:
I don't see nobody else standin' there.
[throws his drink on Shane]

Chris Calloway:
Here, have some of this. Smell like a man.
Morgan Ryker:
Don't it smell better in here, Grafton? Chris just fumigated a sodbuster.
Sam Grafton:
Just take it easy.
Chris Calloway:
I was just askin' about sody pop... pigs and taters and one thing and another.
[to Shane]

Chris Calloway:
Say, which one of them tater-pickers are you workin' for? Or are you just squattin' on the range?
Joe Starrett, if it's any of your business.
Chris Calloway:
Supposin' I make it my business?


00:00:01.000 --> 00:00:03.502
What'll it be
00:00:03.067 --> 00:00:07.084
Lemon strawberry or lilac sodbuster
00:00:11.261 --> 00:00:14.012
You speaking to me
00:00:14.018 --> 00:00:17.724
I don't see nobody else standing there
00:00:22.105 --> 00:00:25.107
Here have some of this
00:00:25.275 --> 00:00:27.086
Smell like a man
00:00:28.001 --> 00:00:33.282
Don't it smell better in here Grafton Chris just fumigated a sodbuster
00:00:33.449 --> 00:00:35.534
Just take it easy
00:00:37.203 --> 00:00:39.997
I was just asking about sody pop
00:00:40.165 --> 00:00:44.459
pigs and taters and one thing and another
00:00:44.627 --> 00:00:49.131
Which one of them tater pickers are you working for
00:00:49.299 --> 00:00:52.759
Or are you just squatting on the range
00:00:52.927 --> 00:00:56.722
Joe Starrett if it's any of your business
00:00:56.089 --> 00:01:00.184
Supposing I make it my business

Clip duration: 62 seconds
Views: 178
Timestamp in movie: 00h 23m 35s
Uploaded: 30 November, 2022
Genres: drama, western
Summary: A weary gunfighter in 1880s Wyoming begins to envision a quieter life after befriending a homestead family with a young son who idolizes him, but a smoldering range war forces him to act.


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Chris Calloway - Ben Johnson
Shane - Alan Ladd
Morgan Ryker - John Dierkes
Sam Grafton - Paul McVey