You're both out of your senses
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You're both out of your senses. This isn't worth a life, anybody's life. What are you...

Shane 1953
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Marian Starrett:
You're both out of your senses. This isn't worth a life, anybody's life. What are you fighting for? This shack, this little piece of ground, and nothing but work, work, work? I'm sick of it. I'm sick of trouble. Joe, let's move. Let's go on. Please!
Joe Starrett:
Marion, don't say that. That ain't the truth. You love this place more than me.
Marian Starrett:
Not anymore.
Joe Starrett:
Even if that was the truth, it wouldn't change things.


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You're both out of your senses. This isn't worth a life.
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Are you fighting for this shack, this ground and nothing but work?
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I'm sick of it, I'm sick of trouble. Let's move, let's go on, please.
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Marian, don't say that. You love this place more than me.
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- Not anymore. - Even if it's true, it changes nothing.
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There must be some way, Shane? Some way?
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- It's no use, Joe. - No use? What's stopping me?
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- I am. - Get out of my way.
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- Am I gonna have to fight you too? - That depends on you.
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Timestamp in movie: 01:40:48
Uploaded: 23 September, 2021
Genres: drama, western
Summary: A weary gunfighter attempts to settle down with a homestead family, but a smoldering settler/rancher conflict forces him to act.


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Marian Starrett - Jean Arthur
Joe Starrett - Van Heflin
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