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A marksman living in exile is coaxed back into action after learning of a plot to kill the President. After being double crossed for the attempt and on the run, he sets out for the real killer and the truth.

Director: Antoine Fuqua
Writer: Jonathan Lemkin (screenplay), Stephen Hunter (novel)
Production: Paramount Pictures
Year: 2007
MetaScore: 53/100
ImdbRating: 7.2
BoxOffice: $47,000,000
Released: 23 Mar 2007
Awards: 2 nominations.

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Bob Lee Swagger - Mark Wahlberg
Nick Memphis - Michael Peña
Colonel Isaac Johnson - Danny Glover
Sarah Fenn - Kate Mara
Jack Payne - Elias Koteas
Alourdes Galindo - Rhona Mitra
Louis Dobbler - Jonathan Walker
Howard Purnell - Louis Ferreira
Russ Turner - Tate Donovan
Michael Sandor - Rade Serbedzija
Officer Stanley Timmons (as Alan C. Peterson) - A.C. Peterson
Senator Charles F. Meachum - Ned Beatty
Donnie Fenn - Lane Garrison
Senior Agent - Zak Santiago
Junior Agent - Michael-Ann Connor
Underling - Shawn Reis
Attorney General Russert - Brian Markinson
FBI Director Brandt - Michael St. John Smith
Archbishop Desmond Mutumbo (as Dean Monroe McKenzie) - Dean McKenzie
President - Tom Butler
Ben Davis (as Adrian Hughes) - Adrian G. Griffiths
Frank Russo - Darrin Massey
Dave Simmons - Mackenzie Gray
Mr. Rate - Levon Helm
Mrs. Rate - Rebecca Toolan
Motel Owner - John Tench
Meachum's Valet - David Bloom
Sorenson - Brad Kelly
Spook - David Neale
TV News Anchor #1 - Susan Barnett
TV News Anchor #2 - Ukee Washington
TV News Anchor #3 - Dagmar Midcap
TV News Anchor #4 - Darrin Maharaj
Lead Mercenary - Mike Dopud
Mayor of Philadelphia - Chic Gibson
K-9 Cop #1 - Danny Hernandez
K-9 Cop #2 (as Jonathan Eusabio) - Jonathan Eusebio
Woman in Crowd during Assassination - Vale Anoai
Pedestrian - Erica Lynne Arden
Pedestrian - Elise Arsenault
Pedestrian - Joe Barlam
FBI Agent - Ernest E. Brown
Presidential Speech Spectator - Sharon Carpenter-Rose
Assignation Attempt Crowd - Alice Chamberlain
Assignation Attempt Crowd - Karen Chamberlain
College Student - Damien Colletti
Business Man - David Collihan
Paramedic - Paul Dake
Agent #1 - Alexander Emmert
Businessman - Liam Ferguson
Pedestrian - Patrick Ferguson
Waitress - Tammy Gillis
Student - Lauren Glazier
Police Officer - Richard Jollymore
Secret Service Agent / Driver - Michael Wingate Jones
Pedestrian - Cory Kastle
Winston Chuchill - Fred Keating
Assassination Witness - William James Kelly
FBI Agent - Lawrence Laravela
Assassination Witness - Roberto Lombardi
FBI Sniper - Steve Lord
Presidential Supporter - Tiffany Marz
Guitar Playing Pedestrian - Peter Mason
Pedestrian - Rick Matters
Police Captain - Mac McDonald
Woman with Stroller (archive footage) - Jacquie Militano
Secret Service Agent - Mike Monroe
FBI Agent - Jeffrey Mowery
CIA Agent - Laurence Mullaney
Flag Waver / Grocery Man - Ken Myers
Businessman - Manny Oliverez
Train conductor - Henry Penzi
Secret Service Agent - Joseph F. Petrone
Capitol Police Officer - Vito Pietanza
DC Resident - Lil Rhee
Phila Cop - Vincent Riviezzo
Secret Service Agent - Kurt Runkle
Assassination Witness - Roger Sands
Assassination Witness - Chuck Schanamann
Businessman - David Adam Smith
Assassination Witness - Eugene Smith
FBI Agent / DC Bike Cop / Businessman - Patrick Michael Strange
Civilian - Simmie Terrell
Motorcycle Cop - Ian Thompson
Pedestrian - Frank Traynor
Pedestrian - Sean Traynor
FBI Agent - Dan Van Wert
Pedestrian - Torell Vinson
Car Wash Attendant - Jamal Weathers
FBI Agent - Don Whatley
Sniper / F.B.I. Agent - Mike Wilson
Assassination Witness - Lindsey Zajac