Ho ho ho
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And a "Ho Ho Ho", I don't get enough of this shit on the radio, it has to come into my...

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Mr. Levitt:
[a man in a Santa Claus suit walks into a convenient store]
And a "Ho Ho Ho", I don't get enough of this shit on the radio, it has to come into my store now, ha hah ha.
Killer Santa:
What's the matter, you don't like Santa Claus?
Mr. Levitt:
Well, it's good for business, bad for my stomach. It's a lot of phony sentiment, you know what I am saying. What charity are you with?
Mr. Levitt:
[Killer Santa pulles out a gun]
What are you doing that for?
Killer Santa:
I'm holding you up,asshole, put the money in the bag.
Mr. Levitt:
So it's not about phony sentiment, lot of it is genuine greed.
[Mr. Levitt grabs his gun]

Mr. Levitt:
[Killer Santa shoots Mr. Levitt in the gut, Mr. Levitt,wounded,tries to shoot the robber.Killer Santa shoots him in the stomach and then the head]

Killer Santa:
[Killer Santa walks out of the store, sees how much money he has, he says]
"31 bucks, Merry Fucking Christmas!"


00:00:01.000 --> 00:00:02.479
Ho ho ho
00:00:02.048 --> 00:00:04.319
I don't get enough of this shit on the radio
00:00:04.032 --> 00:00:06.119
It has to come into my store now CHUCKLES
00:00:06.012 --> 00:00:08.279
What's the matter you don't like Santa Claus
00:00:08.028 --> 00:00:11.439
It's good for business bad for my stomach
00:00:11.044 --> 00:00:15.319
A lot of phony sentiment you know what I'm saying
00:00:15.032 --> 00:00:18.279
What charity are you with
00:00:18.028 --> 00:00:20.119
What the hell are you doing that for
00:00:20.012 --> 00:00:22.399
I'm holding you up asshole
00:00:22.004 --> 00:00:25.201
Put the money in the bag All right all right
00:00:26.012 --> 00:00:28.001
So it's not all phony sentiment is it
00:00:28.998 --> 00:00:30.001
A lot of it's genuine greed
00:00:30.998 --> 00:00:32.244
All right you GUNSHOT

Clip duration: 33 seconds
Views: 17
Timestamp in movie: 00:08:52
Uploaded: 05 April, 2022
Genres: horror, thriller
Summary: Little Billy witness his parents getting killed by Santa after being warned by his senile grandpa that Santa punishes those who are naughty. Now Billy is 18, and out of the orphanage, and he... Read all


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Killer Santa - Charles Dierkop