Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For poster
Marv is unconscious on a highway surrounded by corpses. When he awakes, he has amnesia and tries to recall his last steps from the Kadie's saloon on the Saturday night. He recalls that he found four playboys burning a homeless man alive and defended the poor man. Marv hunts them down and kills the group. The cocky gambler Johnny hits jackpot in slot machines in the Kadie's saloon and invites the waitress Marcie to go with him to play poker game against the powerful Senator Roark. He wins the game and suffers the consequence of his arrogance. The private detective Dwight McCarthy is contacted by his former lover Ava Lord that asks to meet him at the Kadie's saloon. Ava asks him for forgiveness for leaving him to marry the wealthy Damian Lord. However her strong chauffeur Manute takes her home. Dwight snoops around Ava's house but is found and beaten by Manute and the bodyguards. When he returns home, Ava is waiting for him naked in the bed and seduces him again. Then she tells that ...

Director: Frank Miller, Robert Rodriguez
Writer: Frank Miller, Frank Miller (graphic novels)
Production: N/A
Year: 2014
MetaScore: 46/100
ImdbRating: 6.5
BoxOffice: N/A
Released: 22 Aug 2014
Awards: 4 wins & 6 nominations.

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Movie Cast

Nancy - Jessica Alba
Dwight - Josh Brolin
Hartigan - Bruce Willis
Ava - Eva Green
Senator Roark - Powers Boothe
Joey - Ray Liotta
Goldie - Jaime King
Sally - Juno Temple
Wallenquist - Stacy Keach
Damien Lord - Marton Csokas
Lt. Liebowitz - Jude Ciccolella
Marcie - Julia Garner
Bertha - Lady Gaga
Gilda (as Alexa Vega) - Alexa PenaVega
Frat Boy #3 - Samuel Davis
Frat Boy #4 - Mike Davis
Lillian - Kimberly Cox
Tony (as Al Dias) - Alcides Dias
Louie - Billy Blair
Luigi - Rob Franco
Joey's Wife (as Eloise Dejoria) - Eloise DeJoria
Mulgrew - Bob Schreck
Boogaard - Lawrence Varnado
Wino Old Timer - Tommy Townsend
Cowboy - Robert Lott
Godzilla (as Gregory J. Kelly) - Gregory Kelly
Gorgo - Patrick Sane
Mothra - Greg Ingram
Maitre d' - Dimitrius Pulido
Heavy - John Wirt
Flamethower - Emmy Robbin
Security Guard #1 (as Luis Acevedo) - Luis Albert Acevedo Jr.
Weevil - Johnny Reno
Frat boy #4 - Mike Davis
Tourist - Holt Boggs
Businessman - Scott K. Butler
Girl in the Bar - Maria Engler
Restaurant Patron - Rob Faubion
Old Town Girl - Heaven Elizabeth Fearn
Bussines man on the Train - Osvaldo Fernandez
Billionaire's Wife - Rebecca Franchione
Landlady - Sylvia Froman
Bloody Dead Guy - Oliver George
Old Town Girl - Lacey Hernandez
Old Town Girl - Kea Ho
Old Town Girl - Breona Horne
Diner Patron - Holly Jee
Body Guard - Duane Johnson
Bar Patron - Stephen Latham
Old Town Girl - Lora Lee
Diner Patron - Chris Lemchi
Waitress - Lindsey Lemke
Tourist - David Maldonado
Fat Al - Robin McGee
Businessman Sleeping on Train - Dan Murphy
Rowdy Texan - Jay Pennington
Bar Patron - Darryl Perrilloux
Bar Patron - Tanner Priest
Sam's Friend - Robert Rodriguez
Ballroom Socialite - Jenna Saab
Star in the Bar - Alex Sparrow
Old Town Don - Gary Teague
Tourist #1 - Brian Thornton
Bar Patron - Mariah-Rae Vincent
Bar Patron - Heath Young