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And that was that

And so there I was. I was gonna go to Harvard. It was obvious. I was gonna be a lawyer and play in the God-damned system, and that was that. I was my old man. He knew, so what else could I do? I mean, there's no future in anarchy; I mean let's face it. But when I was into it, there was never a thought of the future. I mean we were certain the world was gonna end, but when it didn't, I had to do something, so fuck it. I could always be a litigator in New York and piss the shit out of the judges. I mean that was me: a trouble maker of the future. The guy that was one of those guys that my parents so arrogantly saved the world for, so we could fuck it up. We can do a hell of a lot more damage in the system than outside of it. That was the final irony, I think. That, and well, this. And "fuck you" for all of you who were thinking it: I guess when all was said and done, I was nothing more than a God-damned, trendy-ass poser.

{\fad(100,100)} government, no rules, that was the
complete opposite of Nazi fascism.
{\fad(100,100)}So we kicked the shit
out of these kids every chance we could.
{\fad(100,100)}And that was that.
{\fscx85\fscy85\fad(200,200)}(PUNK ROCK MUSIC PLAYING)
Hi, my name's Eddie.
You exist in a world of dreams, Bob.
You know, I was just sitting over there
in that chair in the corner.
I didn't really feel
the particular urge to talk to anybody,
...and then I saw you walk in the room.
You are like a treasure.
I have found a treasure.
Something came over me, this urge
to come over here and talk to you.
I am Aladdin, and this is my lamp.
I wished for you,
and here you are.
You're like a poet, dude.
No, it's you who are the poet.
Your face is like, Ginsberg...
...or Wilde, or even Hawthorne.
Great fucking party!
Fuck, yeah!
What are you?
I'm an ant, staring up at a human being.
I wait with great intensity
to be squashed by you.
You want to...
Who the fuck threw that?
Great fuckin' party!
{\fscx85\fscy85\fad(200,200)}(PEOPLE SCREAMING)
{\fscx90\fscy90}STEVO{\fscx100\fscy100}: {\fad(100,100)}The fight. What does it mean,
and where does it come from? An essay.
{\fad(100,100)}Homo sapien. A man.
{\fad(100,100)}He is alone in the universe.
{\fad(100,100)}A punker. Still a man.
{\fad(100,100)}He is alone in the universe.
{\fad(100,100)}But he connects. How?
{\fad(100,100)}They hit each other. Ooh!
{\fad(100,100)}No clearer way to evaluate
whether or not you're alive.
{\fad(100,100)}Now, complications.
{\fad(100,100)}A reason to fight,
somebody different.
{\fad(100,100)}Difference creates dispute.
{\fad(100,100)}Dispute is a reason to fight.
{\fad(100,100)}Now, to fight, is a reason
to feel pain. Life is pain.
{\fad(100,100)}So to fight, with reason,
{\fad(100,100)} to be alive with reason.
{\fad(100,100)}Final analysis.
To fight, a reason to live.
{\fad(100,100)}Problems and contradictions:
I am an anarchist.
{\fad(100,100)}I believe that there should be
no rules, only chaos.
{\fad(100,100)}Fighting appears to be chaos,
and when we slam in a pit at a show, it is.
{\fad(100,100)}But when we fight for a reason,
like rednecks, there is a system.
{\fad(100,100)}We fight for what we stand for, chaos.
But fighting is a structure.
{\fad(100,100)}Fighting is to establish power,
power is government...
{\fad(100,100)}...and government is not anarchy.
{\fad(100,100)}Government is war,
and war is fighting.
{\fad(100,100)}The circle goes like this.
Our redneck skirmishes...
{\fad(100,100)}...are cheaper versions
of conventional warfare.
{\fad(100,100)}War implies extreme government,
{\fad(100,100)}...because wars are fought to enforce
rules or ideals, even freedom.

Clip duration: 174 seconds
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Movie: SLC Punk!
Year: 1998
Genres: comedy, drama, music, romance
Summary: In the early 1980s Stevo and Heroin Bob are the only two dedicated punks in conservative Salt Lake City.

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