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What do you think

King Hubert:
The plans!
[Servant presents King Stefan with blueprints]

King Hubert:
Well, what do you think? Nothing elaborate, of course. Forty bedrooms, dining hall... honeymoon cottage, really.
King Stefan:
You - you mean you're building it already?
King Hubert:
Built, man! Finished! Lovebirds can move in tomorrow.
King Stefan:
Tomorrow? But Hubert, they're not even married yet.
King Hubert:
Ha ha, we'll take care of that tonight. To the wedding!
King Stefan:
Now, hold on, Hubert. I haven't even *seen* my daughter yet, and you're taking her away from me?
King Hubert:
Getting my Phillip, aren't you?
King Stefan:
Yes, but...
King Hubert:
Want to see our grandchildren, don't we?
King Stefan:
Of course, but uh...
King Hubert:
Well, there's no time to lose. Getting on in years, ha ha ha. To the wedding!

Of course, dear.
What do you think of the dress?
Well, it's...
lt's not exactly the way
it is in the book, is it?
Oh, l improved it. But perhaps
if l added a few more ruffles...
-What do you think?
-l think so.
What do you think, Merryweather?
l think we've had
enough of this nonsense!
l think we ought to think of Rose
and what she'll think of this mess.
l still think what l thunk before.
l'm going to get those wands.
You know, l think she's right.
Here they are, good as new!
Careful, Merryweather.
Quick, lock the doors.
Fauna, you close the windows.
Oh, block up every cranny.
We can't take any chances.
And now, you take care of the cake.
-While l...
-Clean the room, dear.
And l'll make the dress.
-Now hurry!
Come on, bucket, mop, broom.
Flora says, clean up the room.

Clip duration: 78 seconds
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Movie: Sleeping Beauty
Year: 1959
Genres: animation, family, fantasy, musical, romance
Summary: After being snubbed by the royal family, a malevolent fairy places a curse on a princess which only a prince can break, along with the help of three good fairies.


King Hubert - Bill Thompson
King Stefan - Taylor Holmes