As King of Israel
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Nothing must come between us. Not even our gods? I knew this moment would come, for the...

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Nothing must come between us.
Not even our gods? I knew this moment would come, for the things we believe in are not the same.
I had hoped that in time you would come to accept Jehovah.
As King of Israel, would you abandon the god of your people for mine?
Still, I dared hope.


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so that he may ever remember the purpose of his consecration.
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Hail Solomon,
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by the grace of God, king of Israel.
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Hail Solomon, by the grace of God, king of Israel.
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Turn not against thy brother, Solomon.
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His blood is hot, but it will cool.
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You have my pledge, sire.
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I will never forget that he is my brother.
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And you, my child, will you remain in the king's household,
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or will you return to Gilead with your father Ahab?
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When I was brought to the house of David, my people sang songs of gladness,

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Uploaded: 16 October, 2021
Genres: drama, history, romance
Summary: After becoming king of ancient Israel, Solomon faces threats coming from his jealous dispossessed brother Adonijah, the Egyptian Pharaoh and the scheming Queen of Sheba.


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Solomon - Yul Brynner
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