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In an alternate present-day version of Oakland, telemarketer Cassius Green discovers a magical key to professional success, propelling him into a universe of greed.

Director: Boots Riley
Writer: Boots Riley
Production: Annapurna Pictures
Year: 2018
MetaScore: 80/100
ImdbRating: 6.9
BoxOffice: N/A
Released: 13 Jul 2018
Awards: 20 wins & 54 nominations.

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Cassius Green - LaKeith Stanfield
Detroit - Tessa Thompson
Salvador - Jermaine Fowler
Mr. _______ - Omari Hardwick
Sergio - Terry Crews
Diana DeBauchery - Kate Berlant
Langston - Danny Glover
Squeeze - Steven Yeun
Steve Lift - Armie Hammer
Cassius's White Voice - David Cross
Mr. _______'s White Voice (voice) - Patton Oswalt
Detroit's White British Voice (voice) - Lily James
First Equisapien / Demarius - Forest Whitaker
Voice in Elevator - Rosario Dawson
Mrs. Costello - Shelley Mitchell
Man Eating Dinner - Jerry Mcdaniel Jr.
Cynthia Rose / Neanderthal Woman - Indigo Jackson
Blackwater Commander - Eric Jacobus
Game Show Host (as Elaine Clark) - Elaine A. Clark
Car Passenger (as Mistah Fab) - Mistah F.A.B.
Woman on Couch (as Valerie Garrahan) - Val Garrahan
Billboard Worker - Chad Briggs
TV News Reporter (as Kenneth Baggott) - Ken Baggott
Street Preacher - David Fine
Jim Ellman - Damion Gallegos
Entertainment News Host - Molly Brady
Man in Crowd - Nato Green
Other Man in Crowd - W. Kamau Bell
WorryFree Commercial Voice (voice) - Sara Buskirk
NTV Spots Announcer - Terel Gibson
Game Show Contestant - Lyrics Born
Health Clinic Receptionist (as Gabby La La) - Gabby LaLa
DIY Wig-Making Host - Thessaly Lerner
Screaming Equisapien (voice) (as Kenneth Gamble) - Ken Gamble
Left Eye Street Artist (as Keneice Ford) - Keniece Ford
Left Eye Street Artist - Gina Madrid
Left Eye Street Artist - Spy Emerson
Left Eye Street Artist - Silk E
Left Eye Street Artist - Jacinta Kaumbulu
Left Eye Street Artist - Sara Melekova
Left Eye Street Artist - Annie Chen
Left Eye Street Artist (as Akilah Walker) - Akilah A. Walker
Left Eye Street Artist - Akia Greybill
Left Eye Street Artist - Makiah Green
Patient in Waiting Room - Sara Anders
Striker / Protester - Rayna Angélique
Eric Arnold (voice) - Eric Arnold
Soldier / Party Guest - William W. Barbour
Power Caller / Lady in Red - Marcella Bragio
Worry Free Gay Commercial Person - Anthony Cabello
Langston White Voice - Ryan Coursey
Telemarketer - Talon Crow
Fake Cassius Green - Mahari Crown
The Bouncer - M. Shawn Cunningham
Striker / Protester - Cyl'Nita
Striker - Steve Dakota
Bloody Protester - John Demakas
Man Brushing Teeth in Car - Jonathan Duffy
Striker - Yin Dumela
Girl in VIP Room - Oumie Garba
Telemarketer - Tina Gilton
Senator - Tom Hart
Power Caller - Linda Joy Henry
Guy on the Street - Jayson Johnson
Football Player - Dawayne Jordan
Man Talking with Detroit at Gallery Opening - Victor Kali
Injured Striker - Brandon E. Lee
House Party Guest - John Lobato
Girl in VIP Room - Sharon Mahari
Striker - Mary Lu Marr
Telemarketer - Mahal Montoya
Telemarketer - Ed Moy
Telemarketer - Teresa Navarro
Protester - Ajani Perkins
Manicurist / Striker - Krystle Piamonte
Power Caller - Mel Powell
Protester - Brian Sampson
Party Guest - Yhana Sibelle
Factory Worker - Patricia Simmons
Copy Technician - Victor M. Slone
Blackwater Agent - Steve Tanabe
Blackwater Agent - Tony Toste
Blackwater Agent - James D. Weston II
Protester - Jimi Wheeler
Dave - Painter Chasing Detroit - Kelly Williams
Equisapien - Tom Woodruff Jr.