Spider-Man is all but invincible; but Parker, we can destroy him. I can't. Betrayal must...

Spider Man2002
Spider Man is all but invincible
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Green Goblin:
Spider-Man is all but invincible; but Parker, we can destroy him.
Norman Osborn:
I can't.
Green Goblin:
Betrayal must not be countenanced. Parker must be educated.
Norman Osborn:
What do I do?
Green Goblin:
Instruct him in the matters of loss and pain. Make him suffer, make him wish he were dead.
Norman Osborn:
Green Goblin:
And then grant his wish.
Norman Osborn:
But how?
Green Goblin:
The cunning warrior attacks neither body nor mind.
Norman Osborn:
Green Goblin:
The HEART Osborn! First, we attack his heart!


Clip duration: 76 seconds
Views: 253
Timestamp in movie: 00h 00m 00s
Uploaded: 12 December, 2020
Genres: fantasy, action
Summary: After being bitten by a genetically altered spider at Oscorp, nerdy but endearing high school student Peter Parker is endowed with amazing powers to become the superhero known as Spider-Man.


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Green Goblin - Willem Dafoe